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Did That Joke Work? I have no idea. But hey - Happy New Year. 2021!!

I just wanted to show off the work that I've done this season for Holiday Gifts. If you have a loved one that would love a portrait of a person or animal or a scene from a Keanu Reeves movie - Please Send Me A Message.

I have also been working on my comics. I have been working on my creation: LISA CHEESE : CYBORG UNICORN, which you can read once you click the link. I did a Holiday Themed episode entitled, "THE UNCANNY X-MAS."

I also do other comics and offering up these free pdfs to download. Short, fun, sweet, and laughter producing...

THE WEIRD-ASS GHOST GUITAR. A character I came up with to be Lisa's pal. She's a mystic guitarist, who casts spells and lives in the Spirit World. She plays in bands and goes on adventures to help balance the cosmos. I was inspired by Doctor Strange and Marvel Comics. Also I was inspired by listening to Riot Grrl Bands from the 90s and Love and Rockets by Los Hernandez Bros. Download Issue 1 and Issue 2 here.

And I have another comic character called SCARBERRY. A disgruntled Space Adventurer, who has a hard time handling his emotions and his two kids. He's also a single dad and a strawberry with an eye patch. I was inspired by Guardians of the Galaxy and Star Lord. It's goofy and hopefully there's an intelligence to it. My one friend's review of my SCARBERRY comic... "These are literally insane. Like John Waters. ...In the best way, of course." So if you'd like to download them - click for Issues 1, 2, and 3.

Furthermore I just wanted to show off a FOOD ILLUSTRATION, I just did. PIZZADOG.

See you soon!! With some more new work. All the best!!! Love ya.


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